Game Soup Comprehensively Analyzes Mighty No. 9's Gameplay

A lot has been said about Comcept's Mighty No. 9 -- not just since its release, but well before it as well, when things appeared to not be shaping up as many of the project's supporters had hoped. Suffice to say, there's been no shortage of things to unpack, either.

While much of the focus has gone to the Kickstarter and development of the game itself, a resurgence of interest in the title by way of several "Worst Games of 2016" lists led the folks at Game Soup to put together a rather robust analysis of where the game faltered in terms of gameplay:

Clocking in at 54:17, it's quite a doozy to sit through. Fortunately, for the more time-challenged, you can also view the individual parts which were used to create this piece:

For what it's worth, I've made my own thoughts known, and even in doing so at great length, I've nonetheless felt that what I had to say only scratched the surface. There was a lot I liked about the game, but a lot which grated on me as well, and some of it was difficult to put into words as to just why.

While there were a lot of neat ideas and sparks of clever innovations in there, there were other parts which just did not feel right, though it was difficult to put into words as to the reason they felt off. And while I don't necessarily agree with quite everything here, I feel much of it is on the mark.

And that doesn't mean there isn't anything for people to enjoy in it, but I feel that the type of "challenge" the issues brought up isolates the game's audience in such a way as to seem very, very niche. Certainly not the sort of game that's going to draw people to something like a live-action movie, a cartoon show, or anything mass-market.

Oh, and for those wondering: Still haven't heard anything new on the physical backer rewards since January. Sorry.