Get Me Off The Moon's Mega Man Legends 3 Journal to Capcom

It was July 18th, 2011 when word came down that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project was no more. As such, last July would mark the five-year anniversary of the event which effectively brought down the Mega Man fandom.

It was with that date in mind that the folks over at Get Me Off The Moon began a campaign they dubbed "Operation Legendary Resolve," which called for fans to send in e-mails, letters, art, and tributes expressing why they believe that Mega Man Legends deserves a sequel.

Letters, pictures, and more came in, and the result is the 103-page fan book titled "Mega Man Legends Forever: Letters to Capcom on Behalf of a Legendary Franchise." Featuring front (above) and back covers drawn by our own Tabby Ramsey, work is underway to turn this into a physical tome of fan passion that will be sent to Capcom.

In the meantime, however, you can check the full digital version (in PDF format) out for yourself by following this link.

Even if your feelings on Mega Man Legends in particular are lukewarm, there seems to be a strong sense of love for Mega Man overall throughout the book. Whether this causes the hearts of whoever now stewards the Blue Bomber at Capcom's heart to grow three sizes or not remains to be seen, but you know we'll keep you updated.

Did you participate in the event? Did your submission make it into the book? Feel free to talk about it in the comments!