Dredd Producer Adi Shankar Expresses Desire to Make "Hard-R" Rated Mega Man

Many fans have long held a desire to see the Blue Bomber portrayed in a more mature light, though what one considers "mature" can vary considerably from person to person.

One such person you can add to the list is Adi Shankar, who served as executive producer of the movie Dredd, but may be better known for his more controversial fan film offering "Power/Rangers," as well as his role in the upcoming animated Castlevania television show for Netflix.

Admittedly, there isn't too much to go with here beyond a statement of desire (if not intent), coupled with his aforementioned history with properties which Mega Man fits snugly alongside. In an interview with WWG, he is asked what video game he would like to bring to life in a "Power/Rangers"-like live action film.

“I’d love to do a hard-R Mega Man,” he replied, referring to the term for Restricted films which just skirt the line of an NC-17 rating. For those wondering why, he states just prior that his intent is to "take the things I loved as a kid and bring them to life in an interesting way.”

Whether such a thing is likely to ever happen, or is even on the table, is a question in and of itself. Capcom has skewed slightly more mature with titles such as the Mega Man Zero series, though for a western release, they removed the spurts of blood which rained forth when Zero introduced many a mechanical foe to the business end of the Z-Saber. Other games in the franchise have featured darker content, to be sure, yet one wonders if Capcom didn't go forward with the more realistic "Maverick Hunter" FPS due to not fitting with their vision for the character.

Personally speaking, I think that a "hard-R" is a terrible fit for Mega Man for any number of reasons, while my wife explains what she finds problematic with the idea over at USgamer.

But what about you? Do you think sex, extreme violence, and the like have any place in the world of Mega Man? Or do you have other thoughts on the matter? Feel free to share them in the comments below! (Just remember that we keep the comments section around a good PG.)

Source: WWG (be warned of mature content, at least in the videos), via Screen Rant, The A.V. Club