Mega March Video Wrap-Up

"Mega March" (alternatively "Mega Man March") seems to have become something of a growing trend among YouTubers (and beyond?) over the last couple of years. We've already seen a few videos from It's Super Effective providing various trivia on different subjects to commemorate the occasion, but here in the final days of the month, the number of videos I've received tips about has increased many times over.

First up, It's Super Effective wraps things up with a video featuring facts and other tidbits about Copy X:

Next up, TheNM22 (who you may remember from his cool comparison videos about the console versus PC versions of various Mega Man games) returns not with a look at a PC title, but a review of a port of a different sort with Mega Man Xtreme for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Just be warned of Not Safe For Work language:

Finally, this one's actually been sitting in my Inbox for a bit by way of GeminiSparkSP, but Dookieshed is back with another video looking at a variety of Mega Man fan games, also with Not Safe For Work language:

In addition, it turns out he's been making videos all Mega Month long, including Top 10 lists of Robot Masters and Ruby Spears cartoon episodes, and why Mega Man ZX is "the best Mega Man you've never played," which probably doesn't apply to too many reading this. In any case, his full Mega March 2017 playlist is here.

And that's it for Mega March! Did you enjoy it? Learn anything new? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And so another Mega Man Month draws to a close... see you in May!