It's Super Effective Presents 22 Stellar Facts About Mega Man Star Force

"Oh man, I've got a bunch of stuff to write and work on today, but what should I post on The Mega Man Network?"

*looks at Inbox*

"Yes, that will do nicely."

"Mega Man March" (or alternatively "Mega March") continues on It's Super Effective, this time with 22 facts about Mega Man Star Force, featuring none other than Protodude! (And apparently the rest of the staff he has there that I didn't know existed?)

I think I've said this before, but even though I adored the first game, Mega Man Star Force is generally my biggest blind spot in the Mega Man franchise. But I don't mind so much at this point, as it leaves me with new things to discover. 

I really need to get a copy of Mega Man Star Force 3 (and look at ways to brute force my way through 2) one of these days. I wonder how much a complete copy goes for now? In the meantime, anyone know where I can try out this Burger Quest game?

Thanks to Rob for the tip!