Capcom-Themed Controllers Coming from Retro-Bit in April

Something of interest which popped up at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year is some new product from Retro-Bit which may interest fans of classic consoles and PC gaming alike.

Five styles of retro controller will be available this April at a price of $19.99 USD apiece, with each adorned with a decoration styled after a popular Capcom franchise. Ghosts 'n Goblins is featured on a pseudo-Nintendo Entertainment System type of controller, as is a pixel art rendition of the original Blue Bomber. Ryu from Street Fighter II is ready to fight on more accurate recreations of the SEGA Genesis six-button controller and Super NES. The latter style of controller is also curiously available with some traditional art of Mega Man, rather than his platform-dominating descendant.

As you can see, the promise is that these will work not only with Personal Computers and Macs, but also "all retro platforms," including the NES, Super NES, and... the NES Classic? And what about the Genesis?

All very peculiar, and I have no idea how that would work unless there are a variety of plugs somehow involved. What's more, their home page is not any more forthcoming with information, as I can't seem to find any mention of these controllers anywhere.

On a related note for those interested, they also announced at the show that they would be bringing three multi-game cartridges to market, featuring collections of games from the now-defunct game developer Jaleco for the NES, Game Boy, and Super NES platforms.

Source: Nintendo Life, via #CUPodcast