New Capcom Compilation Coming from Digital Eclipse

Here's a quick morsel of info for you, though I hesitated to put it under "Mega Man News," but if it does indeed prove to be relevant, that's where it would go.

Anyway, it turns out that earlier this month, Digital Eclipse's Video Game Historian/Archivist and founder of The Video Game History Foundation, Frank Cifaldi, took part in an interview with The Ringer's "Channel 33" podcast to talk about a variety of things, but the one that brings us here today can be heard at 31:30:

It seems that Mega Man Legacy Collection did well enough by Capcom's metrics that the company is now working on a second such game compilation that they should be announcing it "any day now," though it seems he can't say anything more than that at the moment.

That leaves us to wonder if Capcom is seeking to capitalize on that momentum with something like a "Mega Man X Legacy Collection," a gathering of some of their other 8-bit titles, or perhaps even something else. In the meantime, feel free to speculate (and listen to the rest of the show)!

Additionally, if you're interested in supporting The Video Game History Foundation, you can visit their Patreon here. You can also follow Frank Cifaldi on Twitter here to see all sorts of neat stuff, the likes of which that foundation will help preserve for future generations.

Thanks to Nz17 for the tip!