Mega Man Legacy Collection to Be Featured on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced today that later this Spring, they will begin a new service for the Xbox One called Xbox Game Pass.

Effectively a sort of Netflix-like monthly service, Xbox Game Pass will provide subscribers with unlimited access to more than 100 various Xbox One and backwards compatible Xbox 360. And among the titles available when the service goes live later this Spring is none other than Mega Man Legacy Collection, which you can even see around the middle of the promotional image above.

Granted, anyone who's super-serious about the Blue Bomber and is interested probably already owns the game, but if you know any friends or family members who are perhaps not quite as dedicated as you lot reading this but might still be interested, it's something to bring up to them. And if the nostalgia wave hits them full-force, they'll even be able to purchase the game at a 20 percent discount!

If you're more interested in the service as a whole, then I invite you to check out my article on Mario's Hat for more details.