Gunvolt Strikes Blaster Master Zero as Extra Character

As I sat here watching the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase earlier, a clip for Blaster Master Zero from Inti Creates came up. "I wonder if I should write about that," I thought, mostly out of habit from covering the company's titles here. "Nah, Blaster Master isn't really all that Mega Man-esque. I'll leave it."

And yet, here I am writing about it. Why? Watch the trailer from Inti Creates' channel here and see for yourself:

Did you catch it?

At 1:27, the video mentions "Additional Character DLC Coming Soon" and shows the following image, courtesy of GoNintendo:

Indeed, that's none other than Inti's own Mega Man-esque platforming star, Gunvolt, who has taken over the controls of the SOPHIA III battle vehicle.

While the Nintendo Direct video didn't actually show Gunvolt, it did mention "cameos," plural, so there may be others of interest as well. Think there's a chance Beck could show up?

This doesn't mean I'm going to give the game any sort of extensive coverage (unless there's some sort of unusual demand for it, anyway), but I will try to keep you informed of any updates on this and any other relevant content from the game.

As for Blaster Master Zero itself, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS on March 9th for $9.99 USD. More info can be found on the official homepage, which just opened today.