Retroware Reviews the Mega Man 1-10 Mega Pack Vinyl Set from Spacelab 9

First arriving on the scene in 1987, Mega Man is well considered by many to be an oldschool franchise with a retro look and sound that is often emulated and marketed today.

It's not just retro gaming that's popular, however; over the years, retro music has taken a bit of an upswing, and I'm not just talking about the music itself, but also the way that it's heard. To that end, there's a steadily growing contingent of enthusiasts who seek out ways of listening to music the way our parents and grandparents used to: On vinyl.

So what happens when you bring these two decades-old mediums together? Our friends at Retroware TV have taken a look at the release of the Mega Man 1-10 Mega Pack vinyl video game soundtrack in order to find out:

The album serves as a "best of" compilation of music from the mainline numbered Mega Man games, and features the following tracks: Stage Select, Cut Man Stage, and Elec Man Stage from Mega Man; Metal Man Stage, Wood Man Stage, Flash Man Stage, Crash Man Stage, and Dr. Wily Stage 1 (of course) from Mega Man 2; Skull Man Stage and Bright Man Stage from Mega Man 4; Dr. Wily Stage and Stage Clear from Mega Man 5; Flame Man Stage and Wind Man Stage from Mega Man 6; Theme of Bass, Burst Man Stage, and Cloud Man Stage from Mega Man 7; Tengu Man Stage from Mega Man 8; Galaxy Man Stage from Mega Man 9; Fireball Strike (Strike Man Stage) and Nitro Rider (Nitro Man Stage) from Mega Man 10; and Game Over from Mega Man 9.

While it's no surprise that the iconic Mega Man 2 gets the lion's share of the tracks, the complete absence of Mega Man 3 is not only inexplicable, but kind of makes the album title a misnomer as well.

Unfortunately for those interested, it seems that the album is already out of print, though there's hope that a second run could happen.

In the meantime, if this sort of thing interests you beyond Mega Man, there have been other vinyl album releases for retro game soundtracks popping up in recent. A few examples can be seen in this previous review from Retroware, featuring Shenmue, Shinobi, and Streets of Rage from another company called Data Discs:

Even more can be found on this playlist, so enjoy!