TMMN Valentine's Day Redux

Alright, I realize updates have been pretty scarce this past week -- I was facing crunch time for Mega Visions (no relation), and before that, Nintendo Force. Throw in some large-scale chores around the homestead and an endoscopy putting me out of action on Friday (oh, why couldn't it have been a Nintendoscopy instead?), and something had to give. Things should take on a greater sense of normalcy this week.

Anywho, Valentine's Day is this Tuesday, and for those interested in celebrating (and are perhaps on a bit of a tight budget -- or just know someone who is that big of a Mega Man fan), I wanted to link you back to this post from last year, featuring our vast and varied collection of Mega Man-themed Valentines, chock full of cheesy romantic puns to make your significant other groan as you giggle with evil glee.

Or maybe that's just how I celebrate.

Also, if you dare to look at the ones we "rejected," cast your eyes towards the bottom of this post.

Lastly, if you've designed any such Valentine's Day cards featuring Mega Man, Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gunman Clive -- heck, whoever -- feel free to share them in the comments below (or just tell us which of ours you like, you flatterer, you)! As with any comment that has an image or link attached, I'll have to approve it based on community guidelines, but I tend to get around to it within a few hours or so.