Mega Palico Returns with a New Form in Monster Hunter: World

Looks like Capcom didn't reveal their full hand of Mega Man anniversary goodness at the start of the week -- they saved at least one thing for tonight's PlayStation Experience presentation of Monster Hunter: World, which you can see right here:

If you'd rather just cut to the chase, then go to about 2:42 into the video.

That's right: Once again, hunters of monsters the world over will have the opportunity to garb their Palico companions with the armor of the super fighting robot, Mega Man! But this time, there's a bit of a twist, as rather than simply dressing up as a feline version of the blue hero, they'll instead get a full 8-bit voxel makeover to look like a 3D representation of the original Nintendo Entertainment System entries' pixel art.

That's not all, however! In addition, there will be various weapons you can equip that will allow you to hunt to classic Mega tunes, such as:

  • Great Sword: Dr. Wily's Stage from Mega Man 2
  • Gunlance: Fire Man from Mega Man
  • Long Sword: Snake Man from Mega Man 3
  • Charge Blade: Skull Man from Mega Man 4
  • Bow: Dark Man from Mega Man 5

Monster Hunter: World arrives on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC on January 26th, 2018. However, at the moment, we don't know whether or not these Mega Man additions are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 (as they've only been shown at the PlayStation Experience thus far), or if they'll be on all platforms.

Edit: Scratch that last part; as I was posting this, Xbox uploaded their version of the trailer to YouTube, Mega Man and all.