Mega Man 30th Anniversary Grab Bag

In the wake of yesterday's Mega Man 30th anniversary live stream, the internet has been abuzz with all sorts of talk about the various announcements made throughout the show. Here's a handy roundup of various articles of interest that have resulted, and if you've spotted something I don't have here, feel free to share it in the comments below!

For starters, the January issue of Game Informer has yet to hit newsstands, so I haven't gotten a copy yet. But if you're like Protodude and have a digital subscription, you're free to take in everything they have to say right now! To that point, he's provided a list of highlights, including:

  • Inafune's departure left a sense of emptiness at Capcom that made it difficult to fill his role as brand leader or say "I want to work on Mega Man." Despite this, several pitches have been made over the years, and Director Koji Oda's Mega Man 11 pitch was the first to receive a greenlight.
  • Game Informer got to play the game, stating that the controls were tight and what players were accustomed to, complete with the return of the charge shot and slide.
  • No female Robot Masters this time, but they seem open to the idea in the future.
  • More details will be hitting Game Informer online throughout the month.

There's much more to see, so head on over to Protodude's for the full recap.

On a related note, the cover above features eleven versions of Mega Man, each from a different American cover. Can you identify them all?


Vhyper1985 nabbed this screen from, which shows the Japanese title screen for Rockman 11, the four difficulty levels we can expect, and silhouettes of the Robot Masters. It also features a subtitle, as is tradition, which Tony Ponce has translated as "Unmei no Haguruma!!", or more simply "Gear of Fate!!".


With ten games preceding this one and 30 years to celebrate, Press The Buttons has put together the original Mega Man's Ten Greatest Moments.


For good or ill, Mega Man 11 is drawing comparisons to Mighty No. 9, and Polygon has taken notice.


And that's all I've got at the moment, or at least all that I can find. If I'm being honest, I've been feeling ill since Sunday, and my energy level has kinda bottomed out, so I'm going to go slurp on an E Tank and try to get back enough strength to do some other work.

As I said above, though, if you find anything else of note, feel free to share in the comments below!