Mega Manniversary Wraps Up with Little Samson and... Mega Man?

On the Stick has wrapped up its Mega Manniversary on the 30th birthday of the Blue Bomber.

First up is a new episode of "Obscure Old Games" with Roger the Retrogaming Puppet featuring a Mega Man-esque title you may have heard of, if only for its rarity and value in the Nintendo Entertainment System collector's market: Little Samson, another product of Mega Man creator Akira Kitamura's company of ex-Capcom employees, Takeru:

If you're interested in more about Little Samson, The Gaming Historian took a look at it a few years ago as well, and you can find that here.

Next, the event wraps up with a new video posted yesterday: A special anniversary edition of "Same Name, Different Game" which focuses on Mega Man. Not simply Mega Man himself, but the original game to bear his name, and those which followed and did the same. NES, Genesis, Game Gear, and DOS; some are worth playing while others gather moss.

Full disclosure: That is my wife giving her thoughts on the Game Gear version of Mega Man.

As I noted yesterday, I'm doing some reviews for the upcoming sixth issue of Mega Visions magazine, and one of them was for Mega Man: The Wily Wars -- the first time I'd ever given it a full, top-to-bottom playthrough (versus just dabbling and then doing Wily Tower). Without giving too much away, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience, so I hope you'll look forward to that.

And that wraps up On the Stick's Mega Manniversary! If you missed the previous episodes leading up to this one, you can find the Mega Man 5 edition of "Same Name, Different Game" here to kick things off, "Obscure Old Games" featuring Cocoron and "Same Name, Different Game" for Marvel vs. Capcom here, and "Obscure Old Games" for Mega Man Network Transmission here.