New Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Trailer Pairs Vanilla Sigma with Black Panther

While some have found the roster for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite wanting when it comes to quantity, that's not a situation that will remain without remedy for long, as Capcom has been promoting various packs of characters as downloadable content well before the game's release.

For our purposes, the first pack is so far the most interesting, featuring none other than Sigma from the Mega Man X series taking up his beam saber to fight alongside Marvel's Black Panther.

Wow, talk about your odd couples.

Ol' Siggy may be rocking his original body, but even so, he's got a few tricks going on here that we haven't seen before, and a pretty cool finisher to boot. He'll be available with Black Panther and Monster Hunter (along with their premium costumes) on October 17th.

If you got the Character Pass (which came with the Deluxe and Easter Egg editions of the game), you're all set. If you just want to get him all by his big, bald lonesome, that will be $7.99 USD (but at least he still comes with his premium costume).

So here's the question for those of you who are in for this: What's your plan? Pair up Sigma and Zero, like he's always wanted? Use him as a punching bag for your team of X and Zero? Or perhaps pair him up with someone else to make a bizarre (but hopefully effective) combination?