Fight for Your Dreams with This Mega Man 2 Boss Theme Remix

Now here's one of the more unusual things to come out of Capcom Unity, or just video game remixes in general: An album of relaxing renditions of classic video game themes made to help take the edge off after a hard day's work and ease you into the world of dreams (where you'll then have to fight an army of masked villains using giant turnips and bombs).

At least, that's the goal of Scarlet Moon Productions' upcoming release of Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams by GENTLE LOVE. Here's a sample for you, featuring none other than the boss theme from Mega Man 2 -- a theme one wouldn't expect to be used to any sort of relaxing effect, but punctuates the kind of work one can expect from the rest of the album:

Arranged, performed, and recorded by GENTLE LOVE, the appropriately-named “Boss” track from Mega Man 2 flips the tone of this iconic 8-bit track that symbolizes Mega Man’s high-octane battles into a serene melody that puts you at ease with an elegant saxophone and piano arrangement. If you enjoyed what you heard in the clip above, you’ll be happy to know the twelve track album is coming soon – you can pre-order it on BandCamp ahead of the album’s release on October 10th.
Norihiko Hibino, who plays the saxophone for GENTLE LOVE, has some insight into the track as well. “We were inspired greatly by Steve Reich’s music, as this minimal and repetitive approach perhaps creates a feeling of ‘Justice for humanity towards robots.’” Long-time fans may recognize this as a long-running theme throughout the Mega Man series, and you’re sure to enjoy the full track when it makes its debut on the 10th.

Source: Capcom Unity