Quickes Don't Cut It for Mega Man X7

It's been almost a year since Retropolis Zone last looked at an entry in the Mega Man X series (Mega Man X6, which you can find along with a link to the rest here), but their "Quickies Don't Cut It" review/game analysis series is back with a vengeance and truly living up to its name with their latest review for Mega Man X7.

Before watching, be forewarned that there is some Not Safe For Work language in here -- and let's face it, who among us who have played it can honestly say they haven't uttered (or screamed) such words while playing this game (don't @ me)?

Mega Man X7 is the one mainline game in the Mega Man X series that I own (well, I own them all, but I digress) and have not beaten. The only other to share that dubious honor is Mega Man Xtreme 2, but only because it took forever for me to get a copy (pre-Virtual Console, mind), and I've just not managed to dedicate the time to it. But unlike that Game Boy Color title, I'm pretty sure Mega Man X7 is still in its shrink wrap (my experiences playing it came from rentals and such).

And if I'm being truthful, this video pretty much encapsulates why, almost top to bottom. The one thing I'm inclined to disagree with is the bit about Robot Ride Armors -- I think they might have been cooler here than ever, at least from a design/visual standpoint. That, and I haven't played the end levels, so I can't say anything there. Either way, this game was one of my top reasons for hoping that the Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X idea would last another six games.

Still, the game does have its fans. Why, I'm not sure, but I guess it's all a matter of taste, though in all fairness, I don't think it's the worst game around -- far from it, and I'd rather play it than a number of other titles out there that are truly far worse.

That said, I'm still in no rush. Someday, maybe, but not now.

So what are your feelings about this most maligned Mega Man? Share your thoughts in the comments below!