Announcing Mega Man Arena

Sure, Mega Man has showed up in a number of fighting games, with the Marvel vs. Capcom series and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U among them, but have you ever just wanted to sort of keep it in the family? You know, robot versus robot?

Well, now -- or rather, sometime at an as-yet unspecified point in early 2018 -- is your chance, as KishSquared proudly announces "Mega Man Arena"!

"Mega Man Arena" is a fighting game which looks to be something of the Smash-style genre (sub-genre?), featuring nine characters, 27 stages based on actual locales from the 8-bit Mega Man games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, up to 4-player action (though probably not online to start), and team play. Oh, and you can steal powers, of course.

For an early look at the game, be sure to check it out live as part of the Extra Life charity marathon on November 4th at 2pm EDT.

I'll try to post any significant updates here, but if you want to follow the source directly, you can do so on Twitter @MegaManArena and on Facebook.