Obscure Old Games Looks Back at Mega Man Network Transmission

On the Stick continues their "Mega Manniversary" (I though they were breaking for Halloween, but whatever) with a new edition of Obscure Old Games focusing on Mega Man Network Transmission, which bears one of those game titles I'm convinced was just done to mess with us here on the site back in the day.

I have to admit, this selection did rather surprise me. Old? Okay, I can kind of see that (and it makes me feel even older as a result), but obscure? I guess maybe a 2D platformer on the GameCube during that console's era might have kept it off of a lot of peoples' radar. But anyway, here's the video:

I have this game, but I'll admit it's not one of my favorites, as much as I wanted it to be. I liked some of the clever little innovations, such as being able to use the slide maneuver to go between a boss's legs and come up from behind to hit them (it would have been great of the original Mega Man had been able to do that), but things involving random number generation (such as acquiring specific needed chips from enemies) seemed to always work against me, and waiting for the gauge to refill so I could choose an optimal loadout before facing a boss would test my patience.

It's too bad; the game looked great, had a neat story for the series it was representing, and even gave us Zero.EXE -- who was a virus, of course. But the gameplay had a good few of these love-it-or-hate-it elements that just didn't work for me.

But how about you? Is Mega Man Network Transmission one of your favorite moments in Blue Bomber history? Or do you think it could have used a little more time in the oven in order to achieve true, delicious greatness? Sound off in the comments below!