Just How True a Ninja is Shadow Man, Anyway?

We all know that Shadow Man is the baddest ninja across all of Megaland, but in reality, he fails pretty hard at following the ninja ideal, right? The color, the oversized Shadow Blades, and he doesn't even wear a mask!

But as it turns out, the repurposed space robot may carry a bit more of that real ninja magic to him than some might have thought. Gaijin Goombah investigates:

So, how about that? It would seem that even the most bizarre and outlandish aspects of Shadow Man seen across the Classic series have some kind of actual basis in the ninja arts. And I guess we can overlook the mask thing... after all, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do wear masks, and those don't exactly hide anything, right?

Thanks to GeminiSparkSP for the tip!