Update on Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter's Physical Rewards

Regardless of what you think of the actual game itself, it's arguable that one of the most contentious aspects of the entire Mighty No. 9 debacle has been the deafening silence in regards to the physical rewards promised to those who backed the original Kickstarter at a higher tier. This much is clear because one can scarcely even talk about the game or its creators without the subject coming up.

That said, one can hope some small measure of comfort may come to those seeking it by way of the words of a moderator from the official Mighty No. 9 forums, as well as Fangamer themselves.

The moderator, Alraz, says that he heard at the beginning of the month that the physical rewards were (obviously) coming along slower than expected, with one of the books finished but no estimated time for when they would begin to ship.

Further down, another post (echoed on NeoGAF, via GoNintendo) from Steve of Fangamer stated the following:

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions from Mighty No. 9 backers regarding their remaining physical rewards, and I figured I would chime in here to clarify what’s going on from our end.

We (Fangamer) were contracted by Comcept to produce and fulfill the physical rewards (up to the $250 tier) for their Kickstarter project, however this is contingent on Comcept providing us with the necessary assets we need for fulfillment.

The question we’ve been receiving the most has been “When will you begin shipping the rewards?”. The remaining physical rewards are currently in production, and while we can provide estimates based on our (Fangamer’s) internal time-frames (e.g. Early-2017), these estimates are based on the assumption that we will receive all required assets from Comcept, and unfortunately we currently do not know when they will give them to us. Therefore, until we receive everything we need from Comcept, we cannot give a specific shipping time-frame just yet.

Also please keep in mind that our involvement in this project is limited to merch production and fulfillment for Comcept. While we’re happy to answer questions sent to our orders@fangamer.com customer support email address, we are not involved with providing updates or PR for this project; that is Comcept’s responsibility.

The Mighty No. 9 shirts, plushies, and boss posters were shipped off in 2015. If you were eligible for but haven’t received these items, please contact orders@fangamer.com for support.

So it seems much of it is still contingent on Comcept's help to help see things through, leaving us to wonder why they haven't done so at some point in the six months following the game's release (if not sooner).

As Steve points out, their part only covers rewards up to the $250 tier; subsequent physical rewards included signed sketches (which we saw Inafune himself autographing in previous videos), original Mighty Number boss concept art with a 3D printed model special boss number t-shirt, and of course, dinner with Keiji Inafune himself (sure, meeting with Inafune might be considered more of an event and therefore not physical, but the food would be physical, so I'm counting it), and I'm really not sure on the status of any of those.

If you happened to back at any of those levels and would like to share, I'd love to hear from you! (Especially if you were set to have dinner with Inafune.)

That's pretty much everything there is at the moment, but if I learn more, I'll be sure to pass it along.