Awesome Games Done Quick Does Mega Man

The first Awesome Games Done Quick event of 2017 has recently concluded, and as Press Start brought to my attention, there was a fair bit of Blue Bomber love going on. So for your viewing convenience, here are the Mega Man highlights of the show, wherein these talented players play on to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

First up is the first up -- i.e. the original Mega Man for the NES, completed in 24:01 in a four-way race between Coolkid, Endy, Dxtr and Whitehat94:

If you want to get to the actual race, skip ahead to about 25:15.

Next up, bluemetal rockets into the far, far future of Mega Man Legends (or rather, Rockman DASH) for a cup of coffee at 51:57:

About 9:43 is where you want to be for when the fun starts.

Next, we're back to the Classic era for Mega Man 6, finished in 36:20 by ppotdot1:

17:50 is where you want to skip to in order to see the strongest robots in the world duke it out.

Now we shunt sideways into a parallel time and place as plum deletes Mega Man Network Transmission after 1:05:02:

Jack-in at 7:51 to begin Transmission.

Next up, go back to the future (albeit not as far this time) for a four-way race between Domalix, CrystalUnclear, Walrus_prime, and Calebhart42 in Mega Man X, which is completed in 37:05:

Go to 6:37 if you want to immediately head off to the races.

If that's not enough Mega Man done quick for you, Tasbot does a little bit of trickery with the first game at 49:15 here:

But wait, there's more!

When I gave my thoughts on Mighty No. 9, I said that "You really have to be of a particular mind to really get the most out of this, and unfortunately, that mindset is not widespread enough for something like this to be viable in the long term. Those who really love a challenge and defying a game in spite of itself, the kind who break and speedrun and excel -- those are the kinds of players who are likely to get the most out of Mighty No. 9."

As it so happens, those are the kinds of people who are best at Games Done Quick, so watch and enjoy as newcomer to the scene greenzsaber exploits the hell out of Mighty No. 9's quirks and glitches to conquer the one-hit Maniac Mode in 46:58:

For what it's worth, my wife was far less forgiving of the game than I was, and even she enjoyed watching greenzsaber put it through its paces here. Just aXelerate to 14:51 to see where the gameplay begins.

Finally, I don't have a firm grip of whether or not Shovel Knight is quite "Mega Man-esque" enough for regular inclusion on this site, but what the heck; let's do it this one time as Smaugy and Munchakoopas race to the finish in 46:16:

Dig your way to 20:54 to start striking the earth.

And I think that's everything from this event! Well, everything relevant here, anyway -- there's lots more on the Games Done Quick YouTube Channel if you want to see if anyone took on any more of your favorites.

I'll be honest, I don't tend to follow the AGDQ events too closely -- I only learned about this one after it was well underway -- but if you'd like me to post the schedule for Mega Man and Mega Man-esque games here before the next event is underway, feel free to drop me a tip here or by mailing (at), and I'll do my best to have it up before things kick off!

That goes for participants as well -- if you want to say something to boast what you're planning to do at the event, I'm all ears!

Thanks again to Press Start for putting this on my radar!