More Info on Red Ash -Gearworld- Coming Soon

Last week, we received some unexpected new information about the progress of Studio 4℃'s animated Red Ash project, which had a new name attached. Now, it looks like there's more on the way.

An update to Kickstarter backers was recently issued, informing them that they are targeting April 1st, 2017 to resume more frequent updates to those who believed in them enough to chip a few bucks in. Among the things they hope to reveal are how the production of the short film is progressing (of course), what reward designs will look like, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, voting for voice casting of Call and Tyger.

One has to wonder if Comcept's version of Red Ash would use the same voice actors. Furthermore, this seems to at least indicate that their voices may be unlike those heard for their namesakes in Mighty No. 9.

As for the delivery date for rewards, they say that they are still on track for the originally scheduled time of "around" July 2017.