Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins Megafies WWE

It's no secret that I'm a regular viewer of WWE program, and so it should come as no surprise that I was watching WWE's Clash of Champions last night. However, what was a surprise was the entrance of one of their newly-signed Superstars, T.J. Perkins.

Perkins recently won the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic (a tournament for those who weight 205 pounds or less) to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Classic, with his first title defense -- and his official debut as a part of the WWE Raw roster -- occurring last night. Here is what we saw:

Reaction across Twitter was pretty unanimously "wait, is that a take on the Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily theme?" The entrance is clearly video game inspired, and while not a direct lift or even remix of said theme, the consensus is that it at least had influence on what WWE's composers came up with for the entrance.

Listen to this video for a clearer version and see what you think:

And if there was any doubt that Perkins might be a fan of the Blue Bomber, also consider that he recently changed his Twitter handle to "@MegaTJP" and posted this to his Instagram last week:

Fans and peers have given Perkins props for the new entrance theme, of which he says it's "My childhood all wrapped up in a song basically."

And they weren't the only ones who noticed, as the Official Mega Man Twitter account offered its kudos as well:

Those interested in seeing more of T.J. Perkins and his entrance can find him performing (sometimes) during the 3+ hours of WWE Raw, Monday nights at 8pm EST on USA, The Score, or whoever carries it in your neck of the woods.