Check Out the Official Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA Trailer

It's really crazy, when you think about it. Though Mega Man had a starring role on Captain N: The Game Master and his very own self-titled animated series soon thereafter, what many fans of the Blue Bomber wanted for so very long was to see a pure, true adaptation of his adventures in anime form.

That would eventually come to pass in the early aughts, but with some caveats attached: the first was for Rockman.EXE, aka MegaMan NT Warrior, nee Mega Man Battle Network -- the third spin-off/sub-series of the franchise, which would be followed by an adaptation of Mega Man Star Force. The other would be something of a long-lost OVA featuring the original Blue Bomber serving a more educational role as he learned about the culture of Japan while foiling Dr. Wily's plans.

Even now, as we sit about a year away from the "Mega Man of Action" interpretation of the franchise for the 30th anniversary, it's almost bizarre to see that Azure Striker Gunvolt -- Inti Creates' homegrown project following Mega Man 10 -- manage to reach that coveted goal only a couple of years out from its initial release in this new trailer for their Original Video Animation:

The Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA was originally announced back at Anime Fest in July, and had a brief teaser of its own, which you can see here.

Meanwhile, all has been quiet regarding the animated series for Mighty No. 9. It was supposed to arrive in the second quarter of 2016, but given the game's own history of delays, it's anyone's guess whether this project even still exists any more.