ReCore Lightens Its Load (Times)

Just a quick update for those of you with an eye on ReCore, the new somewhat Mega Man-esque game published by Microsoft Studios and developed by a collaboration of Armature Studio and Comcept.

While my review is still in progress (I'm still playing the game, after taking a brief pause to review Forza Horizon 3, which you can read about here), it's easy to say that the biggest issue with the game has been the agonizingly long load times -- an assessment with which I can readily concur.

Fortunately, it seems the folks behind this game are listening, and have issued a new update to address the problem:

An update will be released this week for Xbox One and Xbox One S that will improve load times on those platforms. Keep in mind, some areas may continue to take more time than expected to load because they are larger zones, but we hope this update improves your overall experience traveling through Far Eden.

As of this writing, I've installed the patch but not yet played the game. I'll be returning to it tonight, and will address it when I do my review.