More Mega Man X: Corrupted Clips to Help Your Spirits Soar

It's been a few months since we last heard anything about the fan game "Mega Man X: Corrupted," and heck if I know why -- I'm subscribed to JKB Games' YouTube Channel, but somehow these late June and early August updates managed to escape my notice. Thankfully, eagle-eyed readers such as Reiko were able to succeed where I faltered, and brought me word of two new clips of the game.

The first is by far the more exciting of the two, as X takes to the Skyway on an Air Bike for a little bit of shooter action that -- in-series -- is perhaps most closely reminiscent of the Rush Jet stages from Mega Man 8:

While shoot-em-ups may not be every fan's cup of tea (I know that from Mega Man X5 and on, I was never a big fan of any vehicle stage in a Mega Man X game), this one seems to be rather short. Better still, the environmental hazards aren't of the instant-death variety.

The other clip, included for completion's sake, takes us back to the Junkyard as X encounters an updated version of the Gun Volt enemy, as well as some new foes to face:

While the not-Gun Volt doesn't seem like too big a problem, it looks like X and Zero will need to keep a close eye on that new stomping enemy as it interacts with the environment.

What do you think of these new clips? Do they build further anticipation, or do they give you pause? Share your thoughts in the comments below!