Is Mega Man X3 as Good as Its Predecessors?

When a series becomes, well, a series, people begin to compare the relative quality of each entry. Is the sequel better or worse than the original? Is the third a return to form? And so on.

Thus comes the question from Retroware TV's Brasel The Gamer about the final Mega Man X game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the system on which the series was born. And with Mega Man X3 (and its predecessor) having just hit the New Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console in Europe, now seems like a good time to ask if it manages to stack up favorably to the games which -- until recently -- have been easier to find.

In addition to the gameplay and story, Brasel also gives the soundtrack a more in-depth look in this article over on Retroware TV.

What do you think? Was Mega Man X3 worth all the extra effort to get your hands on only a handful of years ago? Or did it fail to live up to the legacy set before it? Share your thoughts in the comments!