Honest Game Trailers: Mighty No. 9

Okay, so there's a good chance that a number of you have seen this already. The honest truth is that I was planning to post it after I'd had my own say about Mighty No. 9. Unfortunately, that process has proven a bit lengthy and, combined with my own congested schedule as of late, has taken a bit longer than I ever would have liked. So if you're waiting for my thoughts, I do sincerely apologize.

Rather than keep you waiting any longer (and because it's fairly quick and easy as I make last-minute preparations for Otakon this weekend), here is Honest Game Trailers' look at Mighty No. 9:

I should note that while I may agree with some parts of this, it's not what I'd call reflective of my own thoughts. Hopefully once I get back from Baltimore and things calm down a bit, I can finally get those out there.

Thanks to JewcedMan for the tip!