Massive Mega Man Merch Megapost

Though the comics have dried up, the cartoon isn't due for another year, and games are a big question mark, at least we've still got Mega Man figures to remind us of the good times. Lots and lots of figures, in fact. Maybe even more coming now than when the games were still being released!

The first and biggest of these is perhaps this San Diego Comic Con variant of TruForce Collectibles' Mega Man X figure that was released late last year:

"I give you the gift of X... drink it in, man!"

This repaint represents a new form called "X-Boost." Available for $90 at booth #401, this figure represents "the form where X’s armor has no limit and his true ability is unleashed. The boost energy from his buster and thrusters increase significantly, however it puts tremendous pressure on his body. Therefore, X-Boost can only maintain this form for 10 seconds.”

Aside from the different colors, the six-inch figure appears to contain all of the same features and accessories as the original figure (which I still need to review -- a fact which has become a source of great frustration and embarrassment for me), albeit with pink blast parts. Those who backed the Kickstarter will also be given the opportunity to purchase the figure online (similar to how X-Kai was handled) in the near future.

For the full gallery, head on over to TruForce's Facebook post, where they also confirm in the comments that this is the last repaint of this mold that we will be seeing as they move forward with non-Kickstarter-backed projects. That said, their next figure has run into some licensing-related challenges, hence the longer turnaround time.

"I never should have asked Super Sonic for a piggyback ride -- ouch!"

Next, Tamashii Nations has announced the next addition to their FiguartsZERO line -- the line of non-articulated statuesque figures which brought us Sigma from Mega Man X. In this instance, the original Blue Bomber has been rendered in a dynamic pose, firing a charged Mega Buster shot at an unseen opponent (or the opponent of your choosing).

BigBadToyStore says the 4.70" figure is due in December 2016, but the Tamashii Web Shop has November as the target release date. The latter has it priced at 4,860JPY (roughly $61.35 USD as of this writing), which includes an eight percent tax, but BigBadToyStore has it on pre-order for $49.99 USD, or you can go "Collector's Grade" for $2 more. BigBad also notes that it comes with a special display stand.

Speaking of Zeroes, X-Plus Toys' figure of the Crimson Crusader's Mega Man Zero version is still on track for a release at the end of July 2016, but their website now has a listing with more images, including this one:

"'X-Plus Zero'... why do people keep laughing when I say that?"

By the look of things, his Z-Saber's blade has taken on a more blueish hue than before -- which would make sense for the art from the Mega Man X series, but less so for the Mega Man Zero series. Check the gallery out here.

AmiAmi and Play-Asia both have pre-orders open, and the figure is going for a list price of 10,584 JPY (roughly $103.83 USD), with the former offering a discount of 21 percent off, bringing it down to 8,350 JPY ($81.91 USD), which is a little easier on the wallet than the latter's $92.99 USD.

"Hello, America. Do you wanna play a game?"

Hey, remember Nendoroid Mega Man? He's back, and he's equipped with pretty much the last Special Weapon you ever needed, the Metal Blade! He's got the same expressions as before, along with a slightly-gritted teeth version and Metal Blades in two sizes!

GoodSmile says they're selling the product at different events over the Summer, and they'll add it to their online shop from Sunday, July 24th at 16:00 JST until Monday, August 1st at 21:00 JST. For all the details of that and more pictures, click right here.

At WonderFest 2016 in February, we got our first peek at some of the many Rockman figures being developed by Sentinel, including an all-new Rockman.EXE figure -- just in time for the series' 15th anniversary! And a couple of months after that, Ucchy-san pulled back the curtain on a more complete version sporting the two-tone blue outfit fans know and love.

Ah, but back at that initial showing, there were two other uses of the then-uncolored mold announced: One for Dark Rockman, and the other for Saito Style, perhaps better known in the west as as the Hub Style form for the Blue Bomber. And now, BigBadToyStore has pulled back the curtain on this release:

Too pointy for American children's television.

More pics can be found here, where you can pre-order the 10cm (just slightly under four inches) figure for $59.99 (or add two dollars to upgrade to "Collector's Grade"). The figure is slated to arrive in September 2016, and in addition to what you see above, comes with an unmasked face and a display stand for aerial poses.

Finally, Rockman Unity has the scoop on the previously-teased Jet and Power Mega Man figures from Sentinel -- check 'em out:

"Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!"

These two Rush-equipped figures portraying the not-so Blue Bomber's armored-up forms from Mega Man 6 will be available in a two-pack that will be available in October for 8,000 JPY (around $78 USD).

You can check out more images of both, along with a shot of the aforementioned Dark Rockman.EXE figure, by clicking here.

Thanks to Vhyper1985, Shadowdark7, Oakie620, and ReikoEXE for all the tips!