Massive Mega Man Merch Megapost 2

It wasn't that long ago that we received a plentiful bounty of Mega Man figure news, but even as eyes in North America have been focused squarely on the San Diego Comic-Con the last several days, Japan has had some fun of its own with the latest summer WonderFest. Here are the latest batch of reveals.

First, to pick up where we left off, here is Dark Rockman.EXE from Sentinel:

Many more shots of this Dark Chip-empowered counterpart of the digital Blue Bomber can be found here. This darker blue and silver doppelganger features all the changes you'd expect, including red eyes and a similarly-hued blade, and as you can see above, is set to duel with the original atop their display stand.

That's not all from the world of Mega Man Battle Network, however, as this next one is especially surprising. We've had many a NetNavi figure over the years, but I believe this is the first time we've had a full-blown (that is, not Cross-Fused) NetOp thrown into the mix.

And who could it be but Rockman.EXE's very own NetOp, Netto (aka Lan) Hikari? As part of the 4-inch Nel "Lite" series, it looks like Netto may be short on articulation, but will make up for it with a variety of accessories, as seen here, including a Mr. Prog, weapons, hands, and... an alternate torso for Rockman? Wait, what?

More pictures of Lan can be seen here at MyFigureCollection, which also brings us these next two as well.

Other figures from Sentinel include the previously-seen Cut Man and a new version of X.

Sentinel wasn't the only one with new figure reveals and updates, however. Good Smile has some new news in the world of Nendoroid as well:

Coming to the chibi-figure line are two other Rockmen. Continuing the Battle Network celebration, a Rockman.EXE figure is teased, while an unpainted prototype of X sporting his fully-upgraded armor from the very first Rockman X game appears to be further along. Hm, think Good Smile might consider doing other armored-up versions of X as well?

Naturally, I'll have more info about release, pricing, etc. as I get it.

Thanks to Midori and Auto for the tips!