28 "Super Effective" Facts About Bass

Remember earlier this year, when It's Super Effective dedicated the entire month of March to Mega Man? Well, I brought it up here a little late for people to tune in as the videos surfaced, but also a bit too early to capture everything that was coming out that month.

So in case you missed it, Rob of It's Super Effective has reminded me that the month went out with a big black bang by way of the bot named Bass. You may know these already (decent chance if you're reading this site), and even some of the more nuanced details, but it's a fun watch anyway:

Plus, since "Legends Day" was so recent, here's an earlier video he put together for Mega Man Legends as well (be mindful of a quiet Not Safe For Work moment):

Hm, not sure about that "80XX" bit, though. Anyone know which in-game dialogue that refers to?