Mega Man's Sister Steps Up in Roll Boss Rush

Over the years -- and especially those following Capcom's cessation of constantly keeping new Mega Man games in development -- we've covered a good number of fan games here on The Mega Man Network, many of which star the eponymous Blue Bomber himself. Rare, however, is the game that stars Mega Man's sister, Roll, or the Ruby-Spears version of Mega Man, so you can imagine how rare a game which stars the Ruby-Spears version of Roll must be!

Yet that's precisely what "isufje", aka "joshua1riot" on YouTube, has spent the last few years working on with a PlayStation One homebrew titled "Roll Boss Rush." Check out one of the most recent updates:

In truth, it seems just a bit reminiscentof the Mega Man arcade games from around the same period that the original PlayStation was in its prime. Of course, like the cartoon upon which it's based, Roll doesn't have to wait for a Robot Master (or "Robot Mistress", in this case?) to be scrapped before using her newfound ability to swipe their weapon.

You can find out more about the game, including how to download it, at PlayStation Development Network or Rockman Perfect Memories.

Thanks for the tip, SketchMan3!