Blue Bomber Badge-a-rama Hits North America (Finally!)

Many preciouses...

Because of course this news would arrive when I'm away from my computer for a few days.

In case you haven't heard, the long-awaited (Japan got them with Rockman Classics Collection's release back in February, while Europe got them in May) Mega Man badges for Nintendo Badge Arcade finally made their North American debut back on Thursday, and should hang around for the duration of about a week.

There are 14 different sets to collect, all based on the 8-bit games of the Nintendo Entertainment System era, including Robot Masters and their portraits as well as various versions of the Blue Bomber himself and other characters. Plus, answer a quiz from the arcade operator bunny, and you'll land yourself a free play!

For a look at all the different sets and how they're laid out in their respective machines (so you can best plan your attack), this NSider2 forum post has them all laid out for you.

Thanks to TheSilver64 for the tip!