Funko Pops a Pack of Mega Man Figures This Summer

If you haven't heard of Funko's line of Pop! figures, then the gist is that they're a line of figures which span all manner of companies, licenses, brands, and so forth, rendering characters therein in the same basic Pop! figure style. And they're pretty *ahem* Pop!-ular.

So it only makes sense that they would eventually get around to creating some based on Mega Man, which Funko revealed alongside some new Fallout 4 Pop! Games figures on their blog:

Mega Man and Rush, his robotic dog sidekick, are ready to take on the evil Dr. Wily and his android army! Find out if Proto Man's training be enough for Mega Man to succeed!
Add them to your Pop! collection this summer!

Funko gives a release date of August, and Big Bad Toy Store has opened up pre-orders with a price of $9.99 USD each.

Meanwhile, GameStop has opened up pre-orders as well, though they are charging $10.99 apiece and have a release date of July 31st. That said, they do have two exclusive variants of Mega Man available as well, sporting the Ice Slasher and Fire Storm special weapon color schemes:

Are you a Pop! collector? Do you want any, all, or none of these figures? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks to MegaManX827, Vhyper1985, Ambre Wisniewski, and GuardianZero for the tips!