Many Mega Man Themes Get Epic

James Ronald's Epic Game Music has recently created a pretty nifty remix (or should that be an "epic" remix?) of Top Man's stage theme from Mega Man 3. Check it out:

That's not the only remix Ronald has done, however. After all, who can pass up a chance to test their metal mettle with the theme from Dr. Wily's first stage from Mega Man 2? Here's the piece from two years ago:

If you like that, then maybe you'll want to see if he can keep it up for 30 whole minutes?

Other Mega Music he's performed includes the themes of Spark Man, Flash Man, Snake Man, Nitro Man, Elec Man, Dr. Wily Stages 3 & 4 from Mega Man 3, Brentalfloss's Mega Man 3 title theme, the Mega Man 2 ending theme, and even the theme from Mighty No. 9.

For updates and even more music that's not from Mega Man, check out his YouTube Channel, or keep an eye on Retroware TV.