Hurry! This Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Deal Won't Last Much Longer!

Okay, this one slipped under my radar until the last minute. Worse, the sale is scheduled to end at 8:59am PT on Monday, June 6th!

In the North American Nintendo eShop, Mega Man Legacy Collection is one of several titles that are a part of the Capcom Spring Sale. Normally $14.99 USD/$18.99 CAD, you can now download these six classic Mega Man titles to your Nintendo 3DS for just $9.99 USD/$12.99 CAD!

Just don't wait much longer if you're planning to buy this, or anything else on sale (ranging from Resident Evil and Monster Hunter to Street Fighter, Dungeons & Dragons, and DuckTales at even deeper discounts). After all, "he who hesitates is lost"!