Jimquisition: The Mighty Has Fallen

Regardless of your feelings about the design choices which went into Mighty No. 9, it's difficult to argue that the end result hasn't been a bit of a mess. Further delays to some versions, system crashes, downloadable content that doesn't work properly, and more problems with download keys than I really care to get into here -- from the moment it launched, the brand has been taking on water faster than Comcept and Deep Silver can bail it out, and that's not even looking at everything which happened before launch.

Oh, and bugs. Can't forget the bugs.

On the latest Jimquisition (Not Safe For Work, of course), Jim Sterling takes a look back at the history of the game from its announcement to the issues suffered during development and the "degradation of trust" which accompanied them. He also lends his thoughts as to what this means for games which continue to seek their funding through Kickstarter going forward.

As for me, personally, I'm still planning to write up my thoughts on the game here... eventually. Part of the hold-up there is that I still don't have working Ray DLC, and I don't really want to go forward without it.

Still, regardless of whether you like the game or not, it's easy enough to admit that this could all have gone a whole lot better.