Capcom's Latest Mobile Move Paints Dire Picture for Next Mega Man

Capcom's track record in the mobile space is anything but gleaming at the moment. Never mind that many fans balked at the likes of Rockman Xover and Breath of Fire 6 purely on principle; even the company's more focused efforts show a lack of dedication on their part.

What's more, with the only Mega Man game on the horizon being a part of Capcom's "aggressive" mobile strategy, that's all the more reason for fans to be concerned.

A report on USgamer (full disclosure: written by my wife) states that after only three months in soft-launch, Capcom is shutting down Monster Hunter Explore, a free-to-play game with in-app purchases that will all be moot come July 31st. They've also yet to fix the $14.99 USD mobile release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which was quickly broken by one of Apple's ongoing iOS updates.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD was broken by that same update and is still awaiting a fix, unlike Ghost Trick, which did receive such an update -- though Capcom apparently took their sweet time getting around to it.

iOS updates breaking games is nothing new, but Capcom seems to be developing a particularly bad reputation with their slow response to it. Couple this with the short run of Monster Hunter Explore, and it seems that people are at their wits' end with the company.

That brings us back to Mega Man. The Blue Bomber has hardly had a sterling reputation on mobile as it is, but will there be many willing to even give Capcom's next endeavor a look for fear of it soon being broken?