Retroware TV Looks at Numerous Mega Man "Clones"

For the last six years, there have been no new Mega Man games released for fans of the Blue Bomber to enjoy. And while there is no truly replacing Mega Man, I've made a point of trying to highlight those games which at least evoke a similar feeling in body, if not necessarily mind and soul. Dubbed "Mega Man-esque," these games often tend to be evocative of the play style of the long-running Capcom franchise, though sometimes other familiar themes will shine through as well.

Over on Retroware TV, Necro-M has put together a list of Mega Man "clones" that he believes will scratch that gameplay itch. Some (Metroid?) are a little more questionable than others (like Darkwing Duck, which was made by Capcom on one of the same engines as a Mega Man title), but if nothing else, it's a list worth looking over and comparing notes on to see which ones might resonate and would be worth a look as we continue waiting for Capcom to make their next move.

That said, how many have you played? And which ones would you recommend for others here to try out, whether as fans of Mega Man or simply good games? Share your thoughts in the comments below!