Mighty No. 9 Launches Today, and Inafune's Already Looking at a Sequel

After almost three years, Mighty No. 9 is finally here. To mark the occasion, as is industry tradition, a launch trailer has been released by the game's Japanese publisher, Spike Chunsoft (via Hardcore Gamer), which features a Japanese voice on Beck, but a more familiar English voice narrating:

Well, that wasn't so bad. Lesson learned, we can hope, yes?

It's been a long road, and Comcept founder Keiji Inafune offers deep apologies for that in a recent interview with 4Gamer (via Nintendo Everything):

We deeply apologize to the fans and backers for having taken much longer than expected. I learned again how difficult it can be to make a game. (The reason of delay) was not because we were shorthanded, but due to how we were going to sell it, and then biting more than we can chew after declaring that it will be released for all the hardware. But it was a good [learning] experience.

While the game has only just become available, that hasn't stopped him from talking up further plans for the series:

One more thing I’d like to say is that Mighty No. 9 is a [set of] ‘contents,’ meaning it’s not just a game. We’re also moving forward in an anime and live action film for it. Development for a sequel is already in our minds, and we all share the mindset of ‘we’ll do it even if it doesn’t sell’.

I expect there to be calls of hubris or some other such accusations in response to this statement, but one should bear in mind that the original Mega Man did not sell all that well upon its release. It was only through the passion of Inafune and other developers at Capcom that Mega Man 2 -- one of the most beloved entries in the franchise among the hardcore and more "casual" Mega Man fans alike -- was ever able to happen, thus paving the way for so many other beloved titles ranging from Mega Man 3 to Mega Man X to Mega Man Legends and beyond. So hopefully, no matter what your feelings are on how Mighty No. 9 turned out, this same passion will lead to better things going forward.

Thanks to Warlock82 for bringing the interview to my attention!