Rockman.EXE Manga Getting Reprints for 15th Anniversary

Over in Japan, there's no shortage of celebration of the 15th anniversary of Rockman.EXE, better known to those in the west as either Mega Man Battle Network or its multimedia pseudonym, MegaMan NT Warrior. One more event you can add to the pile is the reprinting of Ryo Takamisaki's 13-volume manga series.

The Coro Coro Comics series is getting new life thanks to Fukkan, who will be condensing the series down to eight "new edition" volumes that will begin to see re-release on July 3rd, starting with volume 1. This version can be pre-ordered now from Fukkan for 1,944 Yen, or about $18 USD.

In addition to a new release of the classic stories, Takamisaki will be providing new cover art and bonus material, such as new art and sketches.

Unfortunately, as tumbleweeds seem to be rolling through the western equivalent of Dentown, it seems unlikely that the MegaMan NT Warrior counterpart will see a similar revival from Viz.  I've reached out to see if they've anything to say to the contrary, and the response was that they don't have any new editions on their publishing schedule at this time. That said, if you want it, maybe a little prodding on social media wouldn't hurt?

News Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner, via Roberto Zampari Caldas