Mega Man: MT Warrior

Wow, it's amazing how time flies. It doesn't feel like that long ago that Capcom was just unveiling its new MT Framework 2.0 engine, which would go on to power such games as Lost Planet 2. Eagle-eyed fans from back in 2009 might recall this post from Capcom Unity (which, in a surreal twist, links to an article I wrote for Kombo about it back in the day), which showed a workstation and had a familiar blue figure lurking behind all the many tabs and windows:

Asked about the image, former Senior Vice President of Capcom U.S.A. Christian Svensson would note that there was no Mega Man game in development for MT Framework, and that to his knowledge, that was "just some dude's desktop."

Fast-forward a few years later, and we now know better: That was no desktop. And ironically enough, we could have known this going as far back as... 2009. Huh.

Somehow, an article from Game Watch revealed more behind MT Framework 2.0, including various images of the Mega Man model depicted therein:

This is but one of the images taken from the whole thing; to see more, head over to Protodude's Rockman Corner, where he managed to turn back time to unfold this all-but-forgotten mystery for all to see.

Thanks to Roberto Zampari Caldas for the tip!