Mario Saves All the Mega Men in This ROM Hack

We've seen Mario cross over with Mega Man a number of times on this site, from the Blue Bomber appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS to fans recreating some of his most famous stages and adventures in Super Mario Maker.

Frequent TMMN tipster Roberto Zampari Caldas has taken his own approach to things, however, as he's celebrating nearly three decades of the Titanium Titan with "Super Mario World: The 29th Mega Man Anniversary Adventure."

A group of evil men wielding bombs -- I'll just call them "Bomber Men" for brevity's sake -- seem to have taken issue with the many iterations of our hero and gone about capturing them. Now it's up to Mario to brave the many worlds and fortresses of the land to restore everlasting peace!

You can watch as YouTuber Mr. Mldeg plays through the game in the following playlist, or you can find out more about how to get the game yourself here.

(For some reason, it keeps showing the playlist as starting at video #2. So go back one to start from the beginning, of course.)

Hmm, Mario, Mega Man, nighttime levels, and city levels? There's already a lot of the stuff I like just in the early goings here. Thanks for passing this along, Roberto!