Press Start to Listen to Mega Man and Other Game Music

Interested in adding a bit more video game music to your regular routine? Sure, it's easy enough to pack up a Mega Man playlist of your choosing, but if you're into something a bit more spontaneous and varied, then you might want to check out the "Press Start to Listen" weekly radio show.

Airing out of the campus of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Press Start to Listen" airs on KRNU every Sunday at 6pm Central U.S. Standard Time. For one hour, the 4+ year radio veteran DiscoCola runs through the hits beginning with the 8-bit era and ending on a song from a New Release for the week. Plus, DiscoCola tells me that he airs at least one Mega Man track in the mix every single week.

You can listen in on the stream by clicking here, or you can find an archive of previous shows on SoundCloud. Plus, if you're into making requests, you can do so on Twitter and/or Facebook prior to the show, with each request coming with one complimentary GamerTag shout-out as well.