First 4 Figures Opens Pre-Orders for Mega Man Item 2 Statue (Updated)

First 4 Figures has announced on their Facebook page that they will begin taking pre-orders for the latest in their Mega Man Classic lineup, a statue of Mega Man with Item 2 from Mega Man 2, beginning at 11am EST on Tuesday, May 31st. If all goes accordingly, that means that as soon as this post goes live, so too will the pre-orders.

At the time this post was written, the above image is the only one available for the statue. No other details such as price, size, weight, or anything further was available, but I'll try to update this post (or, if they take an unusually long time for some reason, make a new post) with more as it becomes available.

Update: And now we have a better look at the entire figure, including the selling point known as Item 2:

Many more pictures can be found on the First 4 Figures website (see corresponding links below), and we also now have more information about the statue's specs.

In Dr. Wily’s conquest of the earth, he laced the world as well as his fortress with countless traps to try and thwart Mega Man’s progress, including creating wide gaps that would be impossible to pass under normal circumstances. For obstacles like this, Mega Man will deploy the swift hover board known as ‘Item #2’. Riding this rocket propelled craft like a skate board, Item #2 allows Mega Man to traverse these wide areas with ease to continue his quest against Wily.
First 4 Figures is proud to present Item #2 straight from the classic Mega Man 2 by Capcom! Mega Man is portrayed in his red and white armor, cruising on the board as he prepares a shot to an oncoming enemy with his Mega Buster. Cast in high quality polystone and painted by hand, every detail of the classic sprite has been captured and realised. From the base to the top of his head, Mega Man measures 13 inches tall.

As usual, there's a regular and an exclusive version, the latter coming with LED lights running throughout so that Mega Man's helmet and Mega Buster will light up, as well as the flames from Item 2's rear-mounted jets.

The number made will be "defined after a 2 week period," and the regular version will go for $229.99 USD while the exclusive is $269.99 USD, and the initial payment on either one is $30 USD.

You can also try your luck at winning one via a raffle on their Facebook page, where you'll also find coupon codes -- ITEM2MMR15 takes $15 USD off the regular version, while ITEM2MMX25 is good for $25 USD off the exclusive version.