Mega Man on PC: Mega Man X3, Mega Man Legends, & Street Fighter X Mega Man

It's been almost a year and a half since we last heard from TheNM22, who has created a series of videos which compares the Mega Man games made for personal computers with their console counterparts. He began with the two Hi-Tech Expressions games (the first of which Glass Knuckle is now in the process of critically looking at) and continued with Mega Man X (and a follow-up), so you can go check those out before continuing, if you wish.

This time out, he's looking at two more PC ports: Mega Man X3 and Mega Man Legends (note: there's just a bit of Not Safe For Work language within):

Incidentally, I think the PC version of Mega Man Legends also featured a few small bonuses, too. Desktop wallpaper, screen saver, stuff like that. Nothing that affects the game itself, though.

I still wonder if there is any sort of chance of Capcom releasing either of these on Steam -- that's more or less what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy VII, isn't it? Of course, if they did, hopefully they would fix that syncing issue with Mega Man Legends' dialogue first.

Finally, TheNM22 wraps up the "Mega Man on PC" series not with a comparison, but with a review of one Mega Man game which never came to any platform other than the PC:

There are still other Mega Man games out there on the PC, but they are either too difficult to acquire (Rockman Strategy) or are otherwise just straight ports of the console versions with no notable differences to speak of.