Joe Kelly Asks Fans to Give New Mega Man a Chance

I can't wait until we have another picture to go with these articles.

If there is anything that Comcept should probably be grateful for following Deep Silver's latest trailer for Mighty No. 9, it's that the reveal of Man of Action's new Mega Man cartoon was there to almost immediately draw attention away. That said, reaction to the newest iteration of the Blue Bomber would be generously described as "mixed;" with heavy leaning towards the dislike side.

To that, former Marvel and DC Comics writer Joe Kelly, one member of Man of Action Entertainment, has asked on his Twitter that fans at least wait until they see the show before writing it off. Gamenesia helpfully compiled all the tweets into the following statement:

I want to thank everyone for loving MegaMan and having such strong opinions. That's really cool. Even cooler when you express them with care and thought. Nothing I can say will counteract the shock you may feel when an image released doesn't match the one you had in your head. Same with a storyline. A name. A set up. All I can say is what I said b4 --We always set out with our partners to create the best show we can. That's all creative people do. All day. Every day. Some of what we create will suit your taste. Some will not.
I only ask, as I did before, that folks wait until a show is on the air before assuming that their favorite thing is ruined forever. The whole reason I engaged folks last time was BECAUSE we respect fans. Just because our collective approach doesn't match your ideas is not an attack on you. That's all I have on this. I can't answer questions or get into specifics for legal, personal and creative reasons, but I hope you give the show a chance when it airs. Thanks for your passion and thoughtfulness. Best to you!

It's a fair enough point, at least for some, as there are those who have said they'll wait and see how things turn out before making a final call. By that same token, however, one must also acknowledge that when information such as what we've been given is released, it is going to be judged.

Thanks to Roberto Zampari Caldas for the tip!