Final Round of Mighty No. 9 Platform Surveys

A few days ago, Comcept announced that they were sending out the final round of Platform Surveys to those who backed the Kickstarter campaign which led to the creation of Mighty No. 9. The reason I didn't say anything then is because as soon as I learned of this, I also learned that they had to cease the surveys at that time.

"Unfortunately an error occurred in the survey and as result the survey has put on been hold (exceeding the survey send out limit)," Comcept explained. So, figured I might as well wait that one out.

Well, the new time for surveys has come, and they've been sent out. Comcept notes:

It is vital that you complete this survey by the deadline of 11:59PM PDT on May 29th 2016. Additionally, due to the error of the original survey, people who have already answered survey need to answer it again with the new survey link. (We totally understand it’s frustrating and we are sorry for any inconvenience, but please take the time to give us your response one last time.)

Anyone who does not respond to this survey by the deadline (even if you've stated your preference previously) will automatically be given the default: a Steam key and a DRM-free PC download. They also note that due to the volume of recipients involved, it may take a few days for the surveys to reach everyone, so keep an eye on your Inboxes and check your junk mail, just in case!