Capcom to Pursue Mobile "Aggressively" with IP, Including Mega Man

Well, this is something. Capcom has recently announced that they are basically doubling down on their mobile business through reorganization and plans to "aggressively" produce new titles leveraging its intellectual property, including Mega Man.

To this end, they seem to be consolidating their secondary brand which focused on the mobile market, Beeline Interactive, into their main brand as Capcom Mobile Co., Ltd.

Under the new organization, Capcom plans to release four titles in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, including popular brands such as "Monster Hunter", "Sengoku BASARA", and "Mega Man".

Of course, this is not the first time the Blue Bomber has taken the fight for everlasting peace to smartphones and the like. Classics such as Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X were both previously ported to handheld devices such as the iPhone to poor reception, though not nearly as poor as what the first original mobile Mega Man game, Rockman Xover, would yield (though to be fair, it did have its fans -- even in the west, where it went unreleased).

The full press release can be found here, leaving us to wonder in the meantime whether bringing their business more "in-house" might lead to an uptick in the quality of further productions -- to say nothing of whether this may be the beginning of a greater shift in focus for the company.

Thanks to GeminiSparkSP for the tip!